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Is your construction crew short a heavy equipment operator? It’s a common bottleneck in New Orleans construction projects, and missing a key staff member like this can lead to delays, lost contracts, and budget overruns.

Don’t let your crew go without. Enterprise Staffing can handle the hard work of finding and hiring the right heavy equipment operator for your job. And they’ll be on your site faster than you can find them yourself, with all the paperwork, licensing, and payroll taken care of.

If you need a heavy equipment operator who can handle excavators, mini-excavators, front-end loaders, skid-steer loaders (Bobcats) and more, contact us today. Our hiring experts are based here in New Orleans and ready to help.

Yellow bulldozer excavator on the construction site working machine moving dirt
Heavy Equipment Operator at work

Safety and Site Knowledge

At Enterprise Staffing, we understand that reaching out for temporary workers, especially for a job as potentially risky as heavy equipment operations, requires a certain level of trust. We do everything we can to show that we are worthy of it. That includes going above and beyond the typical vetting process.

Why do we go the extra mile? Because safety is job No. 1 for our heavy equipment operators. While the heavy equipment is running, the rest of the workers are vulnerable. The operator has a lot of responsibility and must act carefully to get the job done in a timely manner without endangering others.

The construction work environment is an especially challenging setting within which to place workers quickly. Operating a multi-ton, self-propelled piece of equipment carries enormous responsibility and requires both a mature personality and disciplined work ethic. Enterprise Staffing will only place temporary employees who have these traits.

Our workers are trustworthy and will do the work they’re expected to complete – we make sure of it.

Vetting Heavy Equipment Operators

Enterprise Staffing has plenty of experience in placing temporary workers in a variety of industries. Our wide range of experience managing temporary employees has given us a deep understanding of what to look for in dependable and safe employees.

Enterprise Staffing specializes in heavy equipment operators, especially those with skills for excavators, mini-excavators, and backhoes. Most of our clients want skilled operators to dig lines for running pipe on electrical work. This is where our emphasis on training and experience comes into play.

Workers Screened
and Tested

Our workers will have detailed knowledge of the machinery they need to operate as well as experience with the kinds of jobs we assign them to. Beyond that, we thoroughly check each worker before making them available for hire.

We make sure our heavy equipment operators have experience, and we check their references to make sure they are safe on the site. They also undergo thorough interviews to ensure that they are trustworthy and safe to send out on assignment. We drug test all our potential heavy equipment operators.


Why Use Temporary Heavy Equipment Operators?

Still wondering about the benefits of hiring temporary employees? We understand you need workers who are just as good as the long-term, permanent employees you already employ. In fact, we take great pride in the fact that clients often take our workers by direct hire, making them permanent, full-time employees. That’s a huge testimony to the quality of our workers.

We are so successful in the New Orleans labor market, one of the most demanding environments for construction work, because of our decades of experience. Labor demands can be extremely high and must be satisfied with short notice.

Our continued success is proof of our commitment to helping construction managers find the right people at the right time. We allow job sites to inflate and deflate their workforces at will, meaning they don’t have to carry the onerous expenses involved with hiring full-time heavy equipment operators.

Even construction managers who want a full-time heavy equipment operator can use our service. We do direct hires, or you can treat our temporary workers as a “test drive” situation. Just be sure to discuss it with our administrative staff before the relationship starts.

The Enterprise Staffing Process

We save construction employers the hassle of setting up their own human resource department to check and screen people. Everything from advertising the opening on the Internet to reviewing applications, verifying references, and interviewing the best applicants is completed with the need for safety and dependability in mind. Our team will also deal with the typical employee issues, including applicable benefits, payroll taxes, and workman’s compensation and unemployment insurance. And, of course, all of our heavy equipment operators are drug tested during the hiring process.

Enterprise Staffing does not do business like large, corporate staffing firms who take a one-size-fits-all approach to every job. Our administrative team will also be available on short notice to correct any problems with personnel hired by our clients, including prompt replacement with a worker who is a better fit for the position. Hiring from Enterprise Staffing means you’re just a phone call away from getting a staffer who is fully authorized to make decisions and solve your problems, not some cog in a corporate machine who has to ask for permission from another office.

Excavator on site
Excavator dumping rocks

Long-Term Solutions to Your Staffing Needs

Our goal is not only to place workers, but also to provide quality, long-term staffing solutions. That might sound out of place coming from an agency that specializes in placing temporary workers, but it’s a goal that we strive for every day. We want our placements to become your new favorite employee. All of our actions are taken with that ultimate goal in mind. From helping out during extraordinarily difficult circumstances to providing prompt communication and quality work, our team is certain that we have the workers and experience to fill the spot in your business.

Are you in the market for temporary heavy equipment operators? Whether your company needs a single operator for a few days or many for a few months, we can meet your needs. From backhoes to bobcats, our team is ready to work with you to find your new favorite employee – all you have to do is reach out to us and give us the details about your job and the kind of heavy equipment operations worker you’re hoping to find. We’ll take the process from there.

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