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When it comes time to look for the right temporary medical staff to fill in gaps in your medical company, you may find out it’s a very tedious process. You wind up with a stack of resumes, but how do you find out who has the skills you specifically need without spending tons of time on resume reading, interviews, and background screenings? Which of these candidates has the experience with the software and tools you use? Are they going to mesh with the culture of the company? Personalities are incredibly difficult to discern from a resume.

What happens if you accidentally bring in someone that is not experienced with the format, procedures, and practices of your company? You can wind up spending even more time trying to train a temporary employee to meet your standards.

You need to call the experts. To find the best temporary medical professionals, we screen all the resumes, interview the applicants, check their references, run a background check, handle drug tests as requested, and deal with payroll. We handle all the applicant screening better and faster than you could yourself. You can have a new medical front desk worker by tomorrow!

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Enterprise Staffing is Here to Help

When you need someone to come in and fill in a gap, you need to know they have the best skills and qualifications possible. That is why turning to Enterprise Staffing is the best move you can make. We are not only a temp agency that delivers, but we also can help ensure that you get matched with the best temporary medical staff available.

Your staffers play a critical role in your business. You have to trust them to interact with patients, take samples and run tests, and you depend on those results as much as your patients do.

What you need are medical professionals with the right experience, licensing, and professionalism. If you bring in the right temp medical staffers, your patients will still feel right at home, and you will know that your patients are still getting the quality of care they have come to expect when at your facilities.

Here at Enterprise Staffing, we expect our temporary medical staff to treat patients like family, and know the ins and outs of how a medical office runs. The goal is to bring in a person who fits in so well, your patients and other office staff never feel any friction.

What Can a Temporary Medical Front Desk Worker Do for Your Company?

The employees who are the face of your medical office need a special set of skills to be able to handle patients as they walk through the door. They show just how caring your office is from the second a patient comes in. Plus, they have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Scheduling
  • Phone calls
  • Receiving and sending medical records or test results
  • Bookkeeping so that accounts are kept current
  • Taking payments for services rendered
  • And more

When you need a temporary medical front desk worker, you want someone that your patients will feel comfortable talking with. It is their job to welcome anyone who comes through the door asking for help. You need a personality that goes along with the culture of the office as a whole.

They also need the know-how to put patients on the right path, handling the scheduling of follow-up appointments, and giving the patients clear and concise “to do” lists after their visit.

No matter what type of temporary medical staff you may need, our experienced placement team here at Enterprise Staffing can help. Reach out to us and explain what your specific needs are. From there, we can take the time to match you up with the perfect candidate to fill your needs for as long as you need. We work with only the best employees in the New Orleans and Tampa areas, so we are sure to find one that will match perfectly with the needs your office has.


What Can a Temporary RN Do for Your Company?

Finding a great RN, or registered nurse, is difficult enough. However, when you need to find a temporary one, it can become even more difficult.

You need someone who understands everything that goes into patient care in terms of how your office runs. This can be a very complex job, as there are many responsibilities, and can include things like:

  • Assessing patients when they come in
  • Running tests to see what is going on with patients
  • Coordinating care between the office and other specialists
  • Counseling patients on how to take care of themselves
  • Operating different types of medical equipment
  • Performs tasks like wound care, patient education, and follow-up after minor procedures
  • And more

Since the job duties of an RN can vary day to day, it is very important that you have the right staff on hand at all times. When you need a temporary registered nurse, call us here at Enterprise Staffing.

Or contact us for direct hires! Our comprehensive screenings can give you an excellent slate of candidates.

What Can a Temp Nurse Practitioner Do for Your Company?

Nurse practitioners are a very important aspect of any medical office. They have many of the same abilities as a doctor, which allows more patients to be seen on a daily basis.

When you have a nurse practitioner, you have someone who can see patients, diagnose an illness, and even prescribe medications in many circumstances. They are the front-line to the patients in many instances, so you need to make sure that any nurse practitioner you employ allows your patients to feel safe and well-cared-for. That is what you get when you come to Enterprise Staffing.

Plus, we can help with direct hires of nurse practitioners. With our thorough screening, you’ll be interviewing top-notch candidates without any of the hassle.

Nurse practitoner
Medical assistant

What Can a Temporary Medical Assistant Do for Your Company?

Do you need a temporary medical assistant? They are invaluable at helping your medical office run smoothly. They can go through and collect the vital information from each patient as they come in, collect a family history, place information into the file for each patient they help with, and help the office’s physician with an exam.

They work directly with patients as they come in and need to have a solid set of customer service skills to do well in this position. Here at Enterprise Staffing, we make sure that not only the candidate’s skills and experience match your needs, but also that their personalities fit with the customer-facing role, day in and day out.

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