Finding reliable electrical contractors can be a challenge for businesses. Whether you require an emergency electrical repair or have more long-term electrical needs, licensed and professional electricians provide the highest quality electrical services. To save time and avoid wasting money on an unsatisfactory electrical contractor, consider using Enterprise Staffing to partner you with a fully licensed electrician.

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Enterprise Staffing is a New Orleans staffing agency that connects New Orleans-based businesses with professional contractors in their industry. We are a local service operating in the Louisiana and New Orleans area. Through years of experience in the recruiting and staffing field, we have developed a strong and diverse network of professionals, allowing us to connect staff and employers across various industries.

If your business requires an electrical service, we can access our list of New Orleans electricians to help solve your problems immediately. However, we don’t just send out the first New Orleans electrician available. We establish the needs of your project and call the most suitable candidate to complete the job.

For qualified, licensed electricians, our agency can connect you with projects and commercial employment opportunities in New Orleans that enable you to make the most of your skills and experience. 

What We Do

At Enterprise Staffing, we run a full range of recruitment services. We carefully vet all electricians within our systems and host face-to-face interviews before referring them to a customer. As a locally owned company serving New Orleans, LA, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers.

Each electric professional in our system must be fully trained and DISA compliant. Drug and alcohol screenings are standard throughout their time working with us. To benefit all parties, we also look after other essential aspects of the process, such as advertising the project, managing insurance policies, and handling taxes.

Experienced Recruitment Team

Our small but experienced recruitment team has operated in many industries throughout New Orleans and Metairie, LA, such as commercial electrical services, residential lighting, wiring installation services, plumbing, construction, disaster recovery, and driving businesses.

Short and Long-Term Staffing

Although we can find an electric service to help you out of a tricky situation, Enterprise Staffing isn’t just an emergency helpline. We’re committed to helping businesses find New Orleans electrical professionals they can trust over the long term.

short and long term staffing enterprise staffing

We understand that most businesses (especially small or family-owned companies) can’t afford to employ an electrician to be on-site, full time. However, we also appreciate the difficulty of finding qualified and competent commercial electrical professionals you can rely on. To ensure our staffing services are satisfactory, we follow up on placements and check that clients are fully satisfied.

If an organization isn’t happy with the professional we’ve assigned, we can accommodate them with an alternative electrician as quickly as possible.

Fast Solutions

As experienced staffing experts, we know what to look out for in an electrician, allowing us to assign one to your business as soon as one is available. We pride ourselves on providing fast solutions.

Commercial Electricians

Our networking list contains specialist professional electricians. If you require a commercial electrician, we’ll assign you someone with the knowledge, certifications, and experience to handle your specific task. Each of our applicants is thoroughly vetted and must take a written and practical exam before being added to our database.

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians often require a long list of certifications and documentation as well as specialized knowledge and insurance, making the hiring process extremely tedious. At Enterprise Staffing, we take care of all the background checks and paperwork verification, allowing you to concentrate on the core aspects of your business. From TWIC cards to screening, rest assured that the electrician we assign you is qualified, prepared, and ready to work.

Get In Touch With Enterprise Staffing Today

If your business needs electrical services or you are a licensed electrician looking for work in New Orleans, get in touch with Enterprise Staffing today. We can use our experience, skill, and vast network to pair electricians with companies for a synergistic partnership that ensures your projects are completed to specifications. For more information on our services, explore our website.