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    Quality construction workers are essential for projects to be completed properly, on time, and safely. However, finding reliable employees is a significant challenge for construction companies, particularly during busy periods. Likewise, it can be difficult for skilled construction workers to find consistent employment. Enterprise Staffing has the ideal solution for employers and employees in the New Orleans area.

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    How Enterprise Staffing Can Help

    Enterprise Staffing is a specialist agency that brings together skilled construction workers and construction companies in the New Orleans area. As a city in constant development in recent years, it can be difficult for construction companies and contractors to find reliable workers consistently. To gain a strong reputation for quality, safe work, project development businesses must build a skilled team of workers.

    We adopt a stringent recruitment process to ensure that each construction worker we assign has all relevant qualifications and safety training needed to contribute to a project. Whether you’re a construction manager in need of extra staff to get a project completed by a deadline, or you’re an experienced laborer looking for additional work, our agency provides fast and effective solutions.

    Enterprise staffing offers a comprehensive recruitment service, where we cover all aspects of the hiring process. This sets us apart from other staffing companies as we take care of everything from the initial recruitment steps to the offboarding and feedback stages. We carry out vetting, drug testing, and extensive background checks to ensure workers are up to the task. If you’re not fully satisfied with the employee we assign you, we are happy to find you another construction professional.

    Proven Staffing Process

    We have developed a stellar reputation in Louisiana from years of matching quality construction workers with project managers and construction companies. Our experienced recruitment team and meticulous hiring process mean that we have a vast network of construction professionals with various experience levels and skillsets. We can find a perfect fit for your project, from highly experienced general laborers known for their professionalism to specialist foremen that work predominantly on large construction teams.

    To ensure each applicant meets our high standards, we carry out a strict hiring process, which has proven successful for all clients (including workers and construction firms). Before we consider any applicant for a project, we carefully analyze their applications, hold face-to-face interviews, and require them to pass industry-relevant or job-specific safety knowledge tests. This makes sure they’re up-to-date with the necessary protocols.

    At Enterprise Staffing, we regard all recruits as extensions of our business and hold all workers to high expectations. We carry out background research and reference checks to ensure workers’ skill sets, certifications, and experience match their resumes.

    When pairing employees with projects or construction companies, we ask that clients trust us to handle the entire hiring process. This allows us to leverage our experience, expertise, and network to find the perfect fit for a business and construction worker. Some of the fundamental aspects we handle throughout the hiring process include:

    • Marketing and promoting employment openings
    • Processing job applications resumes, and cover letters
    • Carrying out background checks and vetting
    • Ensuring all workers pass mandatory drug screening and are compliant with regulations
    • Hiring applicants
    • Managing payroll, taxes, and benefits
    • Handling insurance responsibilities and worker’s compensation
    • Onboarding and offboarding
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    Results Driven and Customer Focused

    To ensure customer targets are met, we align our goals with theirs. After establishing the needs of your business, we can find the most suitable workers for your project. One of our main focuses is relationship development between clients. With the correct fit between employers and construction workers, long-term employment opportunities become more likely. Many of our applicants start out working for businesses on a casual, temporary basis before being hired permanently.

    We are results-driven and check in on our assignments frequently to ensure things are operating smoothly. This allows us to gain an even better understanding of our clients and keep them satisfied. If standards aren’t met, we take swift action to find replacement workers.

    Quality Recruitment Personnel

    Our recruitment personnel is second to none. The hiring process and experienced staff are the core reasons that Enterprise Staffing is the efficient agency that it is today. We strive to find the right people for employment opportunities. You can rely on effective communication with us at every step of the process.
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    Types of Construction Workers

    Our vast network consists of construction professionals that specialize in a variety of areas. We help connect businesses with the perfect employee, depending on their needs.

    Skilled Laborers

    Skilled laborers are generally more experienced, trained, and qualified than regular workers. They are adept at handling complex construction tasks such as machine operations, using construction technology, and following plans or blueprints. Certain projects or employment openings require skilled laborers capable of performing specific tasks.

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    General Laborers

    General laborers are flexible workers who don’t specialize in any particular areas. They are critical members of construction teams because they must perform multiple tasks and commit to lots of hours. Typical general laborer tasks include digging holes, cleaning the site, and loading or unloading materials.


    Our network also includes several highly skilled and reliable construction foremen. These professionals oversee and manage teams of workers, ensuring tasks are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you require a qualified foreman to manage your project or get it over the line, Enterprise Staffing is your number one source.
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    Contact Enterprise Staffing for the Best Available Construction Workers

    Whether you’re a New Orleans-based construction worker or your construction firm requires skilled employees, Enterprise Staffing can help find you the perfect fit. As a leading staffing agency, we have a strong reputation among businesses in the area. Call us today or visit our website for more information on the services we provide.

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