New Orleans is a competitive market both for companies and electricians looking for a job. The job search can be exhausting and time-consuming both for employers and employees. At Enterprise Staffing, we work hard to match companies with licensed and skilled workers. If you are located in the New Orleans area, we can help you find the right electricians for your project.

An electrical installation or wiring project involves safety and financial risks unless an expert carries out the task. We perform a thorough selection process, with a written examination and practical test, to find the best possible electricians for our clients. 

If you are a talented electrician who takes your job seriously, we can help you find new employment opportunities and put you in contact with reputable companies in the New Orleans area. As a New Orleans staffing agency, we have extensive experience matching electricians and businesses. 

What We Do

Enterprise Staffing is one of the best staffing and temp agencies on the Gulf Coast. We bring great companies and excellent employees together, sparing businesses the costs of human resources and helping employees find the right jobs. 

We take pride in our thorough recruiting process and look for the best and most qualified electricians for our clients. We are also known for helping electricians and other trades workers find excellent work opportunities to advance in their careers.

We Look for the Right Candidates

At Enterprise Staffing, we take care of the whole recruitment process for you. We post and advertise the position on search engines, we read the applications and resumes, conduct interviews, and choose the top candidates. To ensure our candidates are fully vetted and ready to work, we perform drug testing and background checks on our commercial electricians.

We aim to provide outstanding and comprehensive recruitment services for our clients. In addition to looking for suitable candidates, we also take care of payroll taxes, benefits, liability insurance, and onboarding. New Orleans is a tough hiring market, and we have the experience to find the highly skilled electricians you need.

Commercial Electricians With Hands-on Testing

commercial electricians with hands on testing enterprise staffing

At Enterprise Staffing, we understand finding a temporary electrician can be frustrating and challenging. We take care of the whole process to ensure the right employee lands at your company. Before being considered for a job, our applicants have to take a thorough written exam. The exam tests the applicant’s technical knowledge and safety skills. After conducting an in-person interview, we also administer a unique practical test to examine the electrician’s hands-on capabilities.

We Pay Attention to Your Projects

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs. Whether you are a contractor, an owner, or a manager, we can help you find the right electrician for your project. Enterprise staffing can help fill various positions, from covering a temporary role to a permanent electrician position.

As both an employer and employee, there are many benefits to working with a temp staffing agency. By helping you find candidates for the job who are trained and ready to work, you can reduce your company’s overhead on advertising, hiring, and training. For electricians, the ability to work with a temp agency means a flexible schedule, roles that suit your skillset, and you’ll save time hunting for new positions whenever a contract ends. 

Enterprise Staffing is the Staffing and Temp Agency You Need

We invite employers and employees to leave every step of the candidate and job search process to us. With a proven record of matching employees to suitable companies, we can assist job seekers and hiring managers in various fields. If you are an electrician looking for a job, or a business looking for an electrician to add to your team, call us at (813) 365-7844 or fill out our job application form online.