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    The construction industry in Tampa, Florida, is booming. Employment rates and housing demand continue to rise, increasing opportunities for builders. For construction companies, it’s essential to have an experienced, skilled, and reliable labor force to draw from. This allows them to complete work on time and ensures projects are completed to a high standard, improving their reputation and increasing the likelihood of repeat business. However, it’s challenging for employers to recruit competent laborers while focusing on the core aspects of the business.

    Using a staffing service helps ensure you have quality staff available and makes filling occupational gaps much easier during busy periods. Whether you need a project manager to oversee safety, planning, and compliance on your new project site or require construction workers with the necessary training and job experience to make sure your project is completed on time, staffing services make recruitment easier.

    Staffing services are also beneficial to construction workers. By signing up to a local agency, laborers can take advantage of the booming marketplace, enabling them to maintain a busy schedule year-round. For Tampa-based businesses and construction workers, Enterprise Staffing is the leading staffing agency in the area.

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    Enterprise Staffing

    Enterprise Staffing is an agency that specializes in connecting construction companies or managers with skilled workers in Tampa, FL. We run a comprehensive service that handles every aspect of the hiring process, from advertising vacant positions to offboarding workers when their work is complete. We are fully committed to our clients and focus on finding workers that fit the precise needs of the construction company. Each applicant is carefully vetted to ensure they have the relevant qualifications, skills, and experience to meet the employer’s demands.

    What We Do

    One of the main differentiators between Enterprise Staffing and our competitors is our hiring process. We encourage clients to give us total control over the hiring process, allowing us to leverage our extensive resources to ensure all parties are content. The first step of the hiring process is to review worker applications. From here, we can decide who to include on our face-to-face interview list.

    All construction workers registered to our database must pass industry-relevant tests to ensure they know how to keep safe on site. We follow the latest requirements in the state and update protocols where necessary. Our workers are vetted, background checked, and drug tested so that they meet U.S standards.

    The key steps of our recruitment process are:  

    • Promoting job openings
    • Analyzing applications and resumes
    • Office administration (e.g., report creation, development updates, and related tasks)
    • Scheduling and hosting interviews
    • Vetting and reference checking
    • Hiring workers
    • Managing, tax, insurance, and worker’s compensation
    • Onboarding and offboarding

    Our two main focuses are that customers are totally satisfied and that workers and businesses benefit from our service. We always check in on our clients to see how they are progressing. If either side isn’t happy with the standard of work, we can assign a new worker.

    When you contact Enterprise Staffing, our excellent recruiters can make immediate decisions. Once your employee needs and hours are established, they can search for relevant employees in neighboring cities to find the perfect fit.

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    Vast Construction Worker Network

    Over the years, we have developed a strong construction industry network all around the city of Tampa, from Tampa Bay to Hillsborough county. Our large network means we can provide clients with an array of construction workers.

    All construction projects are different, so it’s essential to know what workers are experienced in. While some businesses require general laborers to transport materials, others require water supply specialists or a foreman to act as a director on the building site.

    With Enterprise Staffing, there are three main construction workers on the database:

    1. General laborers
    2. Skilled laborers
    3. Construction foremen

    Short- and Long-Term Hiring Solutions

    Our efficient hiring process means that we can assign competent employees to construction companies in a short period. However, we are more than an emergency service for short-term employment. We want our clients to forge strong relationships. Our temp-to-perm program revolves around employees performing several short-term projects until the employer makes a more permanent job offer.

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    Whether you manage a construction LLC and want to make the most of the booming economic development in Tampa, or you’re a skilled worker in search of more consistent work, Enterprise Staffing can provide solutions. We leverage our skills, experience, and vast network to ensure employees and employers are well matched and in agreement for the entirety of their construction project. For more information on our services contact us today.

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