When is it Time for Your Business to Hire Temporary Employees?

November 1, 2020


Business owners in today’s market need to do everything they can to keep their businesses competitive. Between keeping costs low, attracting new customers, and focusing on the ever-important bottom line, today’s business owners need to be more flexible than ever. With such a focus on the business end of things, hiring can become a source of unwanted stress and inefficiency. Your company has expertise in serving your customers, not necessarily conducting an efficient hiring process.

That’s where Enterprise Staffing can save you time, money, and headache, all while helping you build important relationships. Our temporary employees are here to provide you with flexibility, save you stress, reduce your costs, and help your business run smoothly and reliably. These are just a few situations you may find your business in that make working with Enterprise Staffing the right choice for you.

When You Don’t Have Time for the Hiring Process

How many times have you found yourself overburdened by the brass tacks business end of your work, and without the time necessary to make a new hire? Finding the right candidate on your own could mean sifting through applications, interviewing potential employees, and then training and observing them as they work. Even after all of this time spent, your new employee may not work out for your business. Hiring a temp employee allows you to entrust the screening and hiring process to the professionals at Enterprise Staffing, and allows you to never lose focus on your expertise: the business.

When You Lose Critical Staffers

Sometimes businesses lose important staff at just the wrong time. An employee taking extended sick leave or a sabbatical might leave your operation rudderless. While you can’t blame someone for getting sick or having a baby, you can react quickly, and in cases like these, you need to act fast. Losing a valuable employee can cause setbacks if you are not prepared to act quickly and hire temporary staff. Temporary employees are prepared to pick up the slack left by your full-time employee’s absence, and we can guarantee that the temporary staffers we send are up to the job.

When Benchmarks Aren’t Getting Met

Temporary workers can also provide the flexibility necessary to complete a job when benchmarks aren’t getting met efficiently. Sometimes business owners will find that the workforce they had allotted to complete a project or assignment is not enough to reach their originally agreed upon deadlines. Or maybe your business is facing deadlines that you didn’t anticipate when you originally signed your contract. While you are in the midst of a project, these developments can be discouraging, but they don’t have to be. Look no further for the answer to your problems than temporary staffing. When you need extra manpower, and you need it fast, Enterprise Staffing can match you with the people who can get the job done.

When the Busy Season Approaches

Temporary staff can be a solution to your needs even when you can predict the need for extra labor. If your business requires more attention during a certain season, you can hire temporary staff to fulfill that need. If you can see that a certain employee or division of your business will be overburdened during a certain period due to extra work or scheduling conflicts, you can hire temporary staff to alleviate these stresses.

When You Need an Expert Fast

Staffing agencies often act as recruiting pipelines for their clients. When you always have a need for skilled labor, like commercial electricians, then you’re always on the lookout for talent. That’s when it pays to have an agency that knows how to recruit in your industry on your side. With a staffing firm feeding you qualified candidates on a regular basis, you have more chances to go from “temp to perm” with the workers who fit in best. It eases project managers’ minds to know that they’ve already got their next skilled worker lined up and ready when they need them.

When You Want to Test Out a Worker

When you want to evaluate a worker without committing capital to the sometimes prohibitive expenses that come with in house screening, and hiring, temporary staffing may be your answer. We’ve already taken care of the nitty-gritty: background checks, tests, and observation so you can be certain that any employee you match with has the skills to get the job done. What better place to get to know how a potential employee fits in with your work environment than by seeing them actually work the job. We encourage our clients to think of temporary workers as part of a “try before you buy” program. When you are that excited about one of our employees, we’ve done our job well.

When our staff has good experiences working at their placements, word travels fast. They share their experiences with their networks, and your business’s reputation as an excellent place to work will grow. Perhaps they can even bring their past relationships to the workplace and connect you with new parties with whom you can conduct business. We believe that the best business relationships are built on trust, respect, and reliability, so that’s what we bring to the table in all of our interactions. We at Enterprise Staffing are committed to building long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our clients

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