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At Enterprise Staffing, you can call today speak to an expert who can get you on the path to filling your critical openings immediately.

Our goal is to facilitate productive relationships between excellent employers and phenomenal employees. We’re a staffing agency with a long history of connecting companies with exactly the right employees at exactly the right time. We protect our clients from the stress of hiring and save our employees the trouble of searching for a job.

The office staff has been friendly and efficient, and have gone above and beyond on several occasions to fix any issues I’ve had. I couldn’t be happier.

Rory Ainsworth

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Forget the Stress. Leave It To Us.

We invite our clients to leave every step of the hiring process to us: Publicizing the position with online listings. Sorting through applications, resumes, and cover letters. Recruiting the most qualified candidates. Scheduling and conducting interviews. Background checking. Drug testing. Hiring. Managing employee payroll taxes and benefits. Overseeing liability insurance, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation. Onboarding, offboarding, and more.

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Proven Success in a Wide Range of Fields

We have a proven record of successfully matching employers with the candidates best suited to their needs across a broad and diverse variety of fields. Examples of industries in which we’ve found reliable and effective employees for our clients include:


Commercial / Industrial Electrical


Skilled / Unskilled Labor


Low Voltage Electrical






CDL Drivers

We Make Your Goals Our Goals

Our employees’ satisfaction is deeply important to us, so we find the perfect business that values you. Whether you’re seeking an inroad towards a new career, bridging a gap in employment, or just appreciating the flexibility provided by work, we are here to meet you where you are. Whatever your reasons are for coming to work every morning, we aim to ensure that our employees are set up to succeed.

We work across the Gulf South with offices in New Orleans. Our workers have contributed to some of the largest projects in the Southeast, like the Superdome and the World Trade Center Building in New Orleans. We’ve taken on projects all across the Gulf South.
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I was a little reluctant to work for a staffing company. Enterprise … Matt and Kelly treat their employees almost like family. They actually show appreciation. ‘Who’d a thunk’ in this day and age. Work is steady and checks are always on time. What more can you ask for… Thanks guys!

Danny Macaluso

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We Understand What You Need

We are here to help contractors, owners, and managers through the pressure of finding dependable workers, which can be so hard to come by. Other staffing agencies rarely follow through on the lofty promises that they make. They might as well be picking workers at random. If you’re experiencing the stress that comes with a lack of reliable human resources when you have a job that needs to get done now, don’t waste your time with employment agencies who only seem to deliver workers that fit poorly with your needs. We know how much effort you put into a project before workers even arrive on site. Enterprise Staffing will ensure that all the work you’ve put into a plan doesn’t go to waste because of a labor problem. Hiring is a complicated process, and we understand that.

We Deliver Results

By picking Enterprise Staffing as your staffing agency, you decide to work with a trusted and experienced name in the staffing industry. Our clients rely on us because we have shown time and time again that we deliver on our promise to solve your problems. We are always responsive to our clients, and the buck stops with us, so you don’t have to worry about getting the runaround in the belly of some corporate office.
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What is the secret to our success? It’s the Enterprise Staffing Difference:

We carefully interview every applicant and screen them through their references.
All of our applicants take a safety knowledge test, specific to their industry of interest, before they arrive at a job site.
We are honest with our customers. We tell you exactly the services we can provide, and more importantly, we follow through.
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Find the Employee You’ve Always Wanted

By focusing on people, we can guarantee that the connections we make cater directly to your needs. That way, you have the people you need to finish projects on time and within your budget. Don’t get caught up in the problems, so many other staffing agencies present. We will never match you with an employee who creates more problems than they can help solve. We encourage our clients to think of workers as part of a “try before you buy” program. When you are that excited about one of our employees, we’ve done our job well.

Commercial Electricians

Matching customers with commercial, journeyman electricians has been one of our long-time specialties. Our team of journeyman electricians and electrical helpers has the employee for whatever commercial or industrial job you need done.

Each one of our electricians is dedicated to performing their tasks safely and efficiently. We require all of our electricians to pass a written examination and complete a two-part test to prove their capability in the field.

We always check in with our clients and our employees during and after a job to check that both parties are satisfied with the assignment. If any issues arise, we are just a phone call or an email away, and we are prepared to find a solution quickly.

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Construction Workers

Any decent staffing agency relies on its ability to staff construction projects. We understand that construction jobs often require the flexibility that our workforce is suited to provide. That’s why many of our longest-lasting and most productive relationships are with construction contractors.

We have a staff of dedicated workers who are responsible, motivated, and able to execute a plan just as the client envisions. In addition to laborers, we can provide foremen who know just how to keep a project on track while maintaining a safe environment, all at an affordable rate.
All of our construction workers must demonstrate their ability through a rigorous interview process and pass a written test before they begin to work on any project. This way, we can be sure that we are sending only the most skilled and reliable employees possible.

We use E-Verify to make certain that our employees meet all work requirements.

Disaster Relief Workers

We know that no one can predict the unpredictable. That’s why we have a workforce available to quickly activate to remove debris, clean up after a storm or flood, or demolish an unstable structure. Our restoration technicians and demolition workers are prepared to assist in these tasks whenever and wherever you need them. We require our disaster relief workers to interview several times, show their awareness of the sensitivity of disaster relief jobs, and commit to working hard on them. We make sure that every one of these workers is up to the task before matching them with a client.

Our company has responded to storm-related disasters in Houston, Baton Rouge, and Wilmington, N.C., so we know how to travel where the need is greatest and produce the same level of service you come to expect from our local offices. We can establish satellite offices so that we’re able to dispatch workers away from our base of operations. Crossing borders isn’t a problem for us; we can move teams of workers to wherever you need, whenever you need them.

All of our disaster relief workers can be drug tested and pass background checks when required by an employer.

We use E-Verify to make certain that our employees meet all work requirements.


Commercial Drivers

Are you in need of a commercial driver? We have a committed team of drivers prepared to complete the job. We can have a driver ready to do your job when you need it, and how you need it done. All of our drivers are licensed with CDLs or Class D Chauffeurs Licenses and have clean MVRs and Medical DOTs. Make your hiring process quick and easy by working with Enterprise Staffing.

We’re ready to pair you with drivers who can provide you with the services you require. If the pair works, we’d be happy if you hired them as a full time driver.

We ensure that all of our drivers hold valid licenses before they begin an assignment, and we can perform drug tests and background checks when needed. We’re sure that our drivers are suited to be productive members of your team.


Enterprise Staffing works with commercial construction companies and residential firms to source, reliable journeyman plumbers, plumber’s helpers, and lead plumbers. When you need to flex up your commercial plumbing workforce quickly, we are here to help. We can connect you with qualified, reliable journeymen who know how to execute on a commercial job site.

Owners of residential plumbing firms can also count on us to quickly expand their capacity. You won’t have to hesitate about taking bigger jobs with Enterprise Staffing available to fill out your roster of plumbers.

Click below to learn more about how we recruit, screen, and hire our plumbers.


We are an equal opportunity employer.

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