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    An Army of Commercial Electricians Available for You

    At Enterprise Staffing, we understand how frustrating it can be to find the right electrician. That’s why we want to take that task on for you, so you can focus on the work itself. If you have a commercial project, we can find the right journeyman electrician for you. We are focused on people, not on quotas, and will work directly with you to fill your needs.

    Commercial Electricians Screened
    with Hands-on Testing

    Our applicants are thoroughly vetted. We test them on technical knowledge and safety protocols. We also give them a one-of-a-kind hands-on practical exam. Our unique screening procedure ensures our commercial electricians are up to the job, including bending pipe.

    Commercial Electrician
    Commercial Electrician

    Personal Attention
    to Your Projects

    We check references and let you know exactly what you are getting before they arrive on the job site. We take your work and our roster of electricians seriously and give personal attention to your assignment.

    We offer direct hire, to permanent or purely commercial electricians. If you want to hire one on permanently, you can do so without a buyout after a certain number of hours.

    With Enterprise Staffing, you’ll not only get the experienced commercial electrician you need for your project, but you’ll get follow-ups from us, ensuring all parties are satisfied with the match. If you have problems, you can get a decision-maker at Enterprise Staffing in just one phone call.

    Dependable Commercial Electricians

    Providing commercial journeyman electricians to the contractors, owners, and managers of New Orleans and Tampa is our top specialty. Because of that, we know exactly what to look for in a job candidate. We are not one of those agencies that send the first person that walks through the door out to a client’s property or job site. We have a process that combines our high standards with industry protocol, and your own expectations for an electrician.

    Our screening process is thorough. We meet with each candidate personally and check every reference provided. We believe that a personal touch is what’s missing from most staffing agencies, so we always interview our journeymen electricians face-to-face when we vet them. Not only are we vetting them for you, but for our own electrician roster. That means we don’t simply treat our electricians as people to send out to job sites, but as extensions of our own company.


    A Unique Written Exam Process

    Before even being considered for your job, each of our commercial electricians has to pass a thorough written exam. We want to see the information on their resumes backed up. Additionally, each electrician has to pass a monitored hands-on test of their practical knowledge.

    Not only do we administer these tests and have face-to-face meetings with each candidate, but also we take your standards and needs into consideration as well. We perform drug testing and background checks on our commercial electricians depending on our client’s needs. That means when you hire an electrician through Enterprise Staffing, that person shows up fully vetted and ready to work.

    Contact us today and we’ll find you the right commercial electrician for you!

    Safe, Efficient Electrical Work

    Our commercial electricians are committed to safety and efficiency. Each electrician that passes our written and practical examinations, as well as clears the application and interview process, produces fast, safe work. These are tried-and-true journeyman level electricians that know the importance of job safety.

    We are not sending out amateurs to your job site or property, and you can trust that your safety protocols will be followed. They will provide their own equipment, including power drills, but, more importantly, their own personal protective equipment (PPE) as well. That includes proper gloves in good working condition.

    Our electricians are well aware that the quickest way to finish a job is to do it right the first time. So even if you are only in need of a short-term journeyman electrician Enterprise will provide you with a person who will help you finish your project on schedule.


    Short- & Long-Term Staffing Solutions

    Enterprise Staffing isn’t the kind of agency to just hand someone an address for a job site and move on. Our goal is to help you hire your new favorite commercial electrician. That’s why our vetting process is so thorough when it comes to commercial electricians.

    We understand how difficult it can be to get serious, well-trained people, and it’s our job to simplify that process. Whether you’re an owner or a manager or a contractor who only needs an electrician to cover a short gap in a project schedule or someone looking for someone to cover your electrical work on a permanent basis, we can connect you to the right person.

    We follow up on our electrician placements. We stay in contact with both you and the electrician after placement. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the work being done, and that our electrician is satisfied with their assignment. At Enterprise Staffing, we believe our job is to create rock-solid professional matches between employers and employees.

    Electrician installing smoke alarm
    Electrician at work

    Speak to a Decision-Maker
    Every Time You Call

    If, at any point, you have any issues, know that we answer phone calls and emails promptly. We do our utmost to send you the commercial electrician right for your project, but we’re ready to find a solution should anything not be exactly the way you expected. We let employers know exactly what they can expect out of their electrician, and do not overpromise. We take your work as seriously as you do and will work to make sure nothing is slowing you down.

    Give us a call so we can show you how our staffing solutions will go above and beyond your expectations.

    Electrical Foreman

    Enterprise Staffing’s roster extends beyond commercial electricians who just specialize in a single job on the site. We can also place electrical foreman at your sites. Our foreman can supervise electrical work on your job site and plan the day’s electrical work for a crew. If you have large, complicated projects that have multiple moving parts going on every day, you’ll need someone to manage the schedule.

    An electrical foreman can also inspect the work of your other crew members, evaluate talent, correct problems, uphold safe working standards, and check for code compliance. If you need a electrical foreman, give us a call today.

    Electrical foreman

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