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    Highly regulated industries require well-vetted electricians. With all of the paperwork, certifications, screenings, and specialized knowledge that factors into finding the right industrial electrician for your plant or refinery, hiring can feel like almost as much work as the project itself.

    Enterprise Staffing can help! We want to reduce your work on the front end so you can focus on what matters most — the work itself. We’ll worry about the paperwork, the TWIC cards, drug screenings, and everything else so you don’t have to. We take detailed notes on your site specifics and find the right electrician for you. Our prospects are trained to respect your company’s safety culture.

    An Experienced Staffing Team

    We are an experienced team with industry knowledge. Specifically, we have a team experienced in staffing plants and refineries in the Gulf Coast region. That means we know what to look for in an industrial electrician, whether you’re looking for outage or turnaround work or need help finding someone permanent.

    Rather than worrying about human resource issues and industry regulations, allow us to fill the gap in your workforce.

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    TWIC Cards and Industrial Site Specifics

    What’s the first thing to look for in an industrial electrician? Proper paperwork. The industries our clients operate in are highly regulated. The electricians we send out to job sites have their TWIC cards, a must for anyone working in the Gulf Coast. Since you can’t hire an electrician without one, that’s where we start too. All proper industry paperwork will be handled as part of our vetting process. At Enterprise Staffing, we don’t include an electrician in our pool of candidates without making sure their paperwork is up to date and properly completed.

    We also take care of site specifics. We talk to you to make sure we know exactly what you need. No detail is overlooked, because when it comes to industrial electrical work, that’s just not an option. Any additional screenings are completed on your behalf. If you require particular certifications for your project, we make sure the electrician we send you has each and every one. We know when it comes to plant, factory, and refinery work verifiable qualifications dictate the hiring process.

    Workers Who Fit Your Needs

    Our process isn’t about sending you one person after another. We listen to your needs, then take a close eye to our talent pool to find the right match. The last thing you need is to delay your work longer by burning through poor matches. Electricians working in industrial settings must respect the safety culture that industrial sites live by, and we cultivate that with our workers.

    Enterprise Staffing is no stranger to the rules and regulations of industrial electrical work. We’re here to help make the hiring process easier for you. Give us a call to find out more!

    Experienced Industrial Electricians

    We check references. We test for technical know-how. We let you know exactly who you’re getting before they arrive. We take the time to check each reference. Each industrial electrician in our candidate pool is given a hands-on test to make sure their know-how matches their resume. We also interview each candidate personally. No one coming to you from our agency leaves without spending time with us face-to-face so we know that they have the respectful for safety culture that our industrial clients require.

    We follow up, too. We’ll talk to you to see how things are working out with your new hire. Not only that, we’ll keep in contact with the electrician we sent too. At Enterprise Staffing, we want to make sure the match is a good fit for both parties. That way, if a change ever does need to be made, we’ll be on top of it.

    Enterprise Staffing is a local company. We know the ins and outs of the industries that make up the Gulf South. Our team takes a personal approach, and we don’t over promise. What works is simple: experienced, qualified people. Whether you’re looking for a, a direct hire, or a with the potential to become permanent, we can find the right industrial electrician for you.

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    Our Industrial Electricians Work Safely and Efficiently

    You don’t have time to waste. You need a person to show up qualified, certified, and efficient. Our industrial electricians work under the philosophy that the easiest way to get a job done is to do it right the first time. That means, first and foremost, working safely.

    We are thorough. Each of our candidates is DISA Compliant. Our electricians are given drug and alcohol screenings as a matter of standard practice. Given the high expectations of the various industries we serve, we don’t consider any candidate before they pass. And if you have any additional tests, you’d like to include in your hiring process, we’ll see to it that our electricians are up to par.

    An Enterprise Staffing industrial electrician comes ready to work. That goes beyond TWIC cards and appropriate certifications. Our electricians come prepared with their own personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves in good working condition.

    You don’t have time to waste hoping the right person shows up to work. We can eliminate the guesswork from your hiring practices. Contact us today to place a job order!

    The Enterprise Staffing Approach

    We are not an applicant factory. We do not throw person after person at your problem until one of them sticks. We are a company that allows you to avoid typical staffing problems by taking a personal face-to-face approach. We test practical knowledge and make sure we know the people behind the resumes.

    In addition to our vetting process, we also handle everything from advertising the position, to insurance, to taxes. We are a full-service staffing agency.

    Whether you are looking for a to-perm or a direct hire, we can help. Or, if you’d like to take the middle road, we always offer an option to buy out. Our goal is to help form relationships between outstanding employers and qualified, experienced employees.

    Save yourself from the complicated process of human resources in these highly regulated industries. Contact Enterprise Staffing today to place a job order. We’re waiting to help you find the right electrician for your project.


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