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    An Army of Commercial Drivers Available for You

    Staffing can offer solutions to almost all of your company’s needs, including one of the most important – commercial drivers with and without CDL.

    It can be extremely hard to find drivers with a CDL or Class D Chauffeur’s license to handle your box truck runs in New Orleans and Tampa. There are specific licenses and qualifications checks that you have to give your box truck drivers, in addition to interviews and drug screenings. How can you be sure you’ll have a dependable box truck driver ready at a moment’s notice?

    With Enterprise Staffing, you’ll have a team of experts on call, ready to find you the right box truck driver with CDL or Class D Chauffeurs’ License at the right time. With up-to-date DOT medical cards, registrations, and clean driving records, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Our box truck drivers can load and unload the trucks, and they’re flexible on their hours.

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    A Legacy of Commercial Driver Success

    Enterprise Staffing offers companies hiring box truck drivers with and without CDLs the option to expand their workforce to meet high-demand times. Our agency serves many blue-collar industries, including construction, carpentry, warehouse, and general labor, so we understand the needs of companies that need box truck drivers to move lots of products or equipment.

    Enterprise Staffing has both breadth and depth in its experience with placing workers in positions that are a good match. In other words, we can offer their employers a stable match, even if it isn’t a lifetime position. Thanks to this ability to offer companies qualified and dependable box truck drivers, they receive plenty of placement requests. As a result, the company is able to attract, and retain, a wide pool of talented drivers with stable, flexible, job offerings.

    Qualified CDL Drivers

    Enterprise Staffing isn’t known for accepting anyone who applies. We have requirements all employees must meet to be placed as a commercial driver.

    First, a potential driver must have a current CDL or Class D Chauffeurs’ License and a clean driving record. Box truck drivers must be able to pass a drug test. Verifiable references are a must, and the potential driver should be in good physical condition as loading and unloading the truck is part of the job. Being able to lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly is necessary. DOT medical cards are needed, too, along with reliability, dependability, and the flexibility to drive at night. Following these comprehensive qualification guidelines has allowed our staffing agency to consistently pair quality drivers with companies in need.

    Indeed, we are quite experienced at placing CDL box truck drivers as well as drivers with Class D Chauffeurs’ Licenses. We can get drivers ready to get started much faster than you could on your own, meaning your company’s trucks get moving faster. We can quickly place an experienced driver with your company on short notice to keep you from experiencing an interruption of service. Short notice requests are not only not a problem, but also something the company handles routinely.


    A Flexible Box Truck Fleet

    In business, you can never make bulletproof plans. There will always be some unexpected event that leaves you in a bind. You don’t want to have to scramble to make things happen at the last minute.

    But what’s a company to do? If you keep drivers on staff at all times to prepare for contingencies, you end up having to pay so much in payroll, registrations, maybe even benefits depending on your circumstances.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to have a fleet of drivers that you can inflate or deflate as needed?

    Enterprise Staffing Can Help

    With Enterprise Staffing, you can have that flexibility. Hire commercial drivers only when you need them, and save the money and hassle of dealing with full-time employees. When you don’t need drivers anymore, let us know and we can put them to work with other companies. It’s just that simple.

    Enterprise Staffing handles all the routine tasks of bringing in new labor so you don’t have to spend your time worrying about it. You don’t advertise the position, we do. We also handle collecting and reviewing applications, interviewing potential drivers, testing their skills, verifying references and employment, and drug testing as needed. Enterprise Staffing also handles deducting and paying taxes, covering benefits as needed, and unemployment insurance, dealing with worker’s compensation, and everything else you would normally expect to handle. And if there is a poor fit with someone we assign to you, a replacement can be found promptly.

    Best of all, you don’t have to go through a long chain of approvals to get the box truck drivers you want. There is no corporate office that Enterprise Staffing workers must answer to. We don’t waste our time worrying about quotas or departmental mandates. You’ll have local administrative staff ready to meet your needs whenever you call.

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    Carefully Screened CDL Drivers

    When you make the decision to work with Enterprise Staffing, you don’t have to worry about running afoul of the law. The agency closely follows all applicable state and federal regulations regarding box truck drivers, including the number of hours they log on the road both per day and per week. Drivers will comply with all statutory regulations regarding these issues, including the number of hours they must take off between shifts. Driver fatigue is a large factor in accidents, and Enterprise Staffing exercises excellent communication between their staff and their clients’ staff to ensure that drivers are not overworked or fatigued. Driver safety is vitally important, and the agency works hard to prevent accidents and mishaps as much as possible.

    Enterprise Staffing will provide alert, well-rested drivers, ready to work a full shift. They will be able to deal with the demands of heavy traffic, full delivery schedules, and loading or unloading trucks. Requirements for record keeping, including paper logbooks, or electronic onboard monitors, will be observed.

    So if you need box truck drivers on a basis, give us a call or fill out the contact form below. Our local staff will get back to you quickly start the hiring process.

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