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    Skilled labor is a vital part of the construction industry anywhere, no matter where you place your finger on a globe. But New Orleans and Tampa, in particular, are cities that are always under construction. Be it the tough climate or the city wanting to maintain and keep up our infrastructure or population growth, good construction companies are always in demand. The backbone of a good construction company is a good workforce with strong safety protocols.

    If you are a construction manager, you know better than anyone the difficulty of finding quality skilled labor who can work safely. New Orleans and Tampa are difficult markets to hire in. It’s a place where you can be left without the skilled hands you were counting on at any moment, and then you have to start the hiring process all over again.

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    Ramp Up Your Workforce Fast

    In construction, work comes in waves. Sometimes you’re struggling to keep up with contracts; sometimes it’s completely dead. A good workforce in the construction field is also a flexible one, one that can inflate and deflate at any time. Some of our most important clients at Enterprise Staffing are construction companies because we can provide just that.

    With our meticulous selection process, you are more protected against inexperienced, incompetent, or unreliable workers. You can rest assured that we take good care of you and your future laborers.

    Types of Construction Workers

    There are two main types of construction workers: general labor and skilled labor. At Enterprise Staffing, we can help you connect with the perfect worker of either type, but we need to know which you need.

    Skilled Labor

    Skilled laborers have more specialized knowledge than general laborers. Skilled laborers are very well trained within the construction field and have more experience, which means they can complete anything from general construction tasks to more specialized ones. Due to their depth and breadth of experience, skilled laborers rarely need much training and can assist in leading groups of general laborers for certain tasks.

    Additionally, skilled laborers typically have worked tons of construction jobs beforehand, which means that they will have their own tools. This is a great way for you to save stress and money. That experience also means they know how to work safely on the site.

    Skilled laborers also have knowledge of the broader operations of a construction site. This means that they not only know how to complete each individual task, but have knowledge about things like how a job site works, how to follow a set of plans, how to work well with crewmates, and leading a construction workforce.

    Moreover, construction is often more than just manual labor or using your hands to build or fix something. Construction often requires a lot of intelligence and critical thinking as well. Many machines, equipment and plans are complicated and need a laborer who is mechanically minded or computer literate. Technology in the construction field is constantly advancing, meaning that we can do more and more with equipment, but this also means a need for employees who can operate complicated machinery. Finally, skilled laborers also need reading and math skills in order to complete tasks like understanding blueprints and instructions from project managers.


    General Labor

    General laborers can help with pretty much anything on site. General laborers are very flexible, as they’re the multi-tool of the job site. This can be in terms of pay, hours, or what tasks they know how to complete.

    Most general laborers have at least a basic understanding of how to do anything on site, so they can fill in positions depending on your needs. General laborers can even complete multiple tasks in the same day, be it digging a hole or cleaning up the worksite. General laborers can dig holes, clean up the site, and complete general construction tasks.

    General construction workers are also available on short notice.

    The Role of a Construction Foreman

    Similar to skilled laborers, we can also help you find reliable construction foremen. Construction foremen can keep your job site humming, making sure that everyone is doing their job efficiently and safely, so that you can get your construction project done as quickly as possible, saving time and money.

    Not only is a construction foreman a skilled laborer with a plethora of construction experience, but construction foremen have experience in operating a job site as well. Construction foremen are generally in charge of overseeing all daily operations on the construction site. Construction foremen are also often in charge of providing proper instructions to the workers so they can proceed with their specific tasks.

    When hiring a construction foreman, you will generally want to look for someone with good organizational, critical thinking, planning, and communication skills and capabilities.

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    Why You Need to Find Skilled Labor Fast

    Skilled construction workers are in increasingly high demand. Any shortage of construction skilled labor, or even general labor, can delay a project. Many construction jobs stay vacant for days or even weeks because it is so challenging to find reliable, competent construction workers. As a construction contractor or manager, a delay in a project or not meeting a deadline can be a huge source of stress and a loss of investment and money.

    Do not let the problem get to this point! Let us help you find the most trained and reliable skilled labor possible in the numbers that you need for your specific project.

    Enterprise Staffing: The Best Source of Skilled Construction Workers

    We handle the entire hiring process for you. This means that we take care of posting and advertising for the vacant job that you want to fill on job boards, social media, and search engines, strategically recruiting applicants, reading applications, conducting interviews, screening, testing, hiring, handling taxes and insurance, and more!

    Our selection process is extremely thorough. For our construction employee prospects, we put them through a written test that we require that they pass before connecting them with you. We also conduct interviews with them to ensure that they will be able to follow instructions and reliably show up to work every day. We also use E-Verify to ensure the employees meet all of the work requirements that you may have.

    If you need workers, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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