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    In the 21st century, people tend to forget that nature exerts powerful destructive forces that cannot be controlled. Despite our technological sophistication, tornadoes, floods, landslides, earthquakes, and fires, can still cause great destruction. Some of these events can be predicted or anticipated, however, most of them cannot. When the worst happens, you need a team that can assemble disaster recovery workers at a moment’s notice.

    If you’re a restoration firm, you know that your firm could leave a lot of money on the table if you can’t ramp up staff after a disaster. But you can’t keep on the payroll the number of people that you’d need to fully fulfill your clients’ needs. You need to know the right people, with the right skills and experience, and you need that workforce to inflate and deflate at a moment’s notice.

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    Get Back on Your Feet Fast

    If you’re a company that’s been through a disaster, you need to get back in working order as quickly as possible too, and that’s not an ordinary job. You’ll need the skills of experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of disaster recovery work.

    You need staff now. You don’t have time to go through the all the hoops of hiring: posting jobs, sorting through the endless pile of applications, interviewing four people for everyone you hire, setting up drug screens, paying taxes, procuring workman’s comp insurance. You’re supposed to do all this in the aftermath of a disaster?

    There’s a better way. Call the experts. We’ve responded to disasters in Baton Rouge, Houston, and North Carolina. We are flexible enough to travel across the Gulf Coast and Southeast.

    Quality Disaster Recovery Workers

    Enterprise Staffing can help supply qualified, experienced, and skilled workers for disaster recovery. While we are an agency, our approach to recruiting and retaining disaster recovery workers is tailored to the work.

    The demolition technicians and restoration technicians we employ have years of experience. They have also had their skills checked and have verifiable references in their respective industries. And while the company has employees of different skill levels, you will always know what to expect thanks to our excellent communication and customer service.

    Above all, they can do these things safely. It’s job No. 1 for Enterprise Staffing workers.

    We are not limited to disaster recovery workers with just a few kinds of skill sets, of course, and almost any kind of skilled trade is represented in our employees. If your home or business restoration effort requires electricians, carpenters, drywall installers, plumbers, bricklayers, ironworkers, masons, welders, mechanics, or HVAC technicians, we can find them. How about heavy equipment operators or forklift drivers? Enterprise Staffing can help you will all of these.


    Demolition and Restoration Technicians You Can Trust

    We are proud to offer skilled workers both types of major tasks associated with disaster recovery – demolition technicians and restoration technicians. Our demolition technicians can complete simple tasks like removing drywall or flooring as well as work with a team on larger tasks like demolishing an entire building.

    Our demolition technicians are proficient in removing building materials damaged in flooding like baseboards, cabinets, drywall, countertops and more.

    Enterprise Staffing demolition technicians can also help tear down dangerous buildings gutted by fires.

    And of course, our demolition technicians have workman’s comp and are fully trained in how to safely operate in a fire-damaged building.

    Skilled Restoration Technicians

    If you intend to rebuild after a disaster, our restoration technicians can help.

    Our restoration technicians can assist in mold remediation, including extracting water or sewage from a flooded building and setting up specialized drying equipment.

    If your home or commercial restoration requires a lot of cleaning because of a blaze, our workers can work safely around a variety of chemicals. Smoke or fire damage is no problem for our experts.


    Fast Response and Dedicated Teams

    Disaster relief demands specialized skills, quickly. Besides the features mentioned, Enterprise Staffing has the unique experience of responding to hurricane damage promptly. In a disaster zone, it’s important to set up an operating base for recovery workers and move through the red tape involved with starting to rebuild.

    We have set up satellite offices and mobilized teams of disaster recovery workers to get businesses operating and homes in habitable condition. We can manage workers’ comp in several states at once, and get it for new employees fast.

    If your restoration company is dealing with an emergency situation, and you need workers today, you need can’t afford to wait. You need to call our expert staff.

    Dependable Care

    Rest assured that we have done everything possible to vet our employees. That includes interviewing potential employees, checking references, verifying skills and skill levels, drug testing if necessary, background checks, and even looking at prior job punctuality, reliability, communications skills, ability to take orders, and authorization to work in the U.S.

    Enterprise Staffing works hard to find the best workers because we expect their workers to do their best for all clients. With that said, having stable and quality employees ready is just part of the company’s success. Knowing how to deploy and organize company assets (including people) is just as important.

    Our administrative staffers have managed workers for decades. Your point of contact at Enterprise Staffing will be available whenever you need them, and they are the decision makers at our company. They don’t have to call the corporate office to get permission to solve your problem.

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    A Well-Earned Reputation

    Staffing firms often have a bad reputation for placing inexperienced and marginal employees with employers. The nature of disaster recovery makes it imperative that we are able to react quickly to a diverse group of employers with different needs and offer them workers who have the knowledge needed to excel. We can adeptly deal with the high-pressure environment of contractors and business owners in disaster zones. Experience of that sort quickly teaches a staffing company to avoid making promises that can’t be kept, cutting corners with marginal employees, or being unable to deal with fluid situations. We are a seasoned staffing agency that will provide employees that are a great fit for your needs.

    Although such placements are rare for other employment agencies, Enterprise Staffing is known for allowing companies to hire away our workers as full-time, permanent employees. It’s great evidence of our ability to find a good fit. If you’re a restoration company that loves your new demolition or restoration technician and want to hire them permanently, just give us a call.

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