Master Electrician Insights

August 3, 2023

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Newell Normand:

Matt from Enterprise Staffing joins us. Matt, I was a little curious, what is it that Gerald take the most pride in as the owner of Enterprise Staffing?

Matt Brown:

That’s a great question, Newell. I’d say we pride ourselves on our employee success stories, and I’ll give you a great example. We had a gentleman started working for us as a top electrical helper. Eventually we got him paired with the perfect company. He took the opportunity and ran with it, and now he’s a licensed journeyman foreman with a company truck and has made a well paying career for him and his family. We at Enterprise Staffing, we care about our employees futures and their families. Our employees really, really are as important as our clients in Enterprise Staffing.

Newell Normand:

And Absolutely, and Enterprise Staffing will help you find the employee that you always wanted because your clients appreciate that as well. Matt, thank you so much for chatting with us today. Give Matt or Kelly a call (504) 285-0223. The right people, right on time. Check out at as well.

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